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Creative dance Challenge!

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely half term!

This week i am setting you creative dance challenge!!!

Can you create a creative dance piece for 16 counts that has a story behind your dance piece. Try and ensure you dance piece has a beginning, middle and end.

Ask someone at home to film you and send it over to me via my blog.

Your dance can be any style of dance. Looking forward to see what you have created.

Creative dance ideas for you to watch at home.


Mrs Lynch

Choreography Challenge! Get Creative

Good Morning!

I hope your all well..

Thank you for joining in last weeks dance challenge!

Today I will be setting you all another dance challenge!

I would like you to create 16 count’s of movement. You can choose any style of dance you desire. Ask your parents or siblings to get involve!

Videos: Please send your videos in a massage on my dance blog.

Remember have fun get creating!


Mrs Lynch

Isolation Just Dance Challenge 2020


Happy Tuesday to all!

Hope your all well..

This week I am setting you all challenge from home. Your challenge is to learn the dance routine by MC Hammer- U Can’t Touch This.

Please take a few days to learn the routine, film yourselves and send it back to me by Friday 1st May 2020.

How to send: Please send me a massage on my blog with you video link.

Remember to have fun and ask your grown ups to join in with you!

Looking forward to seeing your video’s

Take care

Mrs Lynch

Dance video Link: https://youtu.be/t29UjRbBasg

Lock down Opportunity with Channel 4 “The Steph Show”

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Hope your all doing well..

Great opportunity!

Channel 4 “The Steph Show” on channel 4 are looking for families or heart warming stories of how families, streets, communities are helping or supporting each other during lock down/ Covid19.

They are also looking to speak to families who may like to join in their games weeks as part of The Steph Show for Channel 4.

Channel 4 would love to see what fun, entertaining or amazing things families have been doing at home.

If parents/children are interested email details below.



Please check The Steph show!

Thank you

Mrs Lynch

Day 1: Isolation Fitness at Home!

Hello all,

I hope your well….

I have managed to upload my dance video for you all to get involved. Apologies, it’s late it has been up loading over 3 hours!!!

I know now how to upload a video now!!!!!!!. My dance classes will be ready for you every Tuesday..

This is a new experience for Mrs Lynch, posting my dance classes for you online for you!

Enjoy the work out!!


Important information:

Drink plenty of water before and after a dance class. Please wear trainers or bare feet depending on the style of dance. Only do any form of dance classes if you feel well enough.

Safety: Being aware of the space around you, keeping the right amount of distance between yourself and other dancers taking part.

Finally, parents/carers remind children to take every dance class at their own pace. Every dance is not about getting every dance move perfect! It’s more rewarding when you have lots of fun, as this will give you a sense of success and achievement when you master it.


Thank you

Mrs Lynch



Team Creative/ Leeds Carnival 2019-2020

Week 1: The Journey has began!

Exploring and being creative

Our first week working with Tashi Brown founder of Team Creative has been incredible. As a collective we have created our ground rules, started drawing our costumes and mange to come up with our theme for Leeds Carnival 2020.

Sharing ideas!

All children were engaged and had lots of positive thoughts to share.

Thank you Tashi for an incredible first week.

Mrs Lynch

5RA Macbeth

The Journey of Macbeth:

This week in Dance I have been collaborating with 5RA. They have been working extremely hard retelling the story of Macbeth.

As a class we have been creating the battle scene, After King Duncan and Macbeth won the war. All the children in 5RA have been showing determination and passion through rehearsals.

Well done …

See you all next week.

Mrs Lynch