Day 1: Isolation Fitness at Home!

Hello all,

I hope your well….

I have managed to upload my dance video for you all to get involved. Apologies, it’s late it has been up loading over 3 hours!!!

I know now how to upload a video now!!!!!!!. My dance classes will be ready for you every Tuesday..

This is a new experience for Mrs Lynch, posting my dance classes for you online for you!

Enjoy the work out!!

Important information:

Drink plenty of water before and after a dance class. Please wear trainers or bare feet depending on the style of dance. Only do any form of dance classes if you feel well enough.

Safety: Being aware of the space around you, keeping the right amount of distance between yourself and other dancers taking part.

Finally, parents/carers remind children to take every dance class at their own pace. Every dance is not about getting every dance move perfect! It’s more rewarding when you have lots of fun, as this will give you a sense of success and achievement when you master it.


Thank you

Mrs Lynch



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