5RA Macbeth

The Journey of Macbeth:

This week in Dance I have been collaborating with 5RA. They have been working extremely hard retelling the story of Macbeth.

As a class we have been creating the battle scene, After King Duncan and Macbeth won the war. All the children in 5RA have been showing determination and passion through rehearsals.

Well done …

See you all next week.

Mrs Lynch

6LM Dance/ Art project: The captured Dance

What a journey it has been working with 6LM. They visited Adel woods the words, phrases and poems were brought to life in dance.

The passion, inspiration, energy was sensational throughout the working process. A massive thank you you 6ML, keep being expressive and creative in your heart and mind.

A massive thank you to parents for participating in your child’s learning

Mrs Lynch


Mrs Lynch’s Dance Assembly/ Special Guest Phill from Hello HipHop!

Today we had a special guest into day Breaker/ Beboy Phill from Hello HipHop.

This Assembly alllowed the children to understand the three elements of HipHop.

Dj/ Turntables

Graff Artist/ Writter

MC/ Emcee

Breaker/ Beboy Begirl

A massive thank you to Phill you are fabulous!

Hello HipHop Pictures!


Y6 -SK Dance/ Artfornight

What a fantastic two weeks working with 6SK. Our Learning was to explore how the roots of a tree can connect and communicate with each other!

The children learnt that a Fungi– provides the Trees with nutrients, The Mother Tree– Is the older tree that will nurture the younger trees and The Black Walnut tree spreads toxic chemicals through the roots to sabotage other trees.

A massive thank you to 6K You all showed teamwork, patients, determination throughout. I am so proud of you all well done!


Dance Workshop with parents

Thank you to parents- grandparents for taking part in there child’s learning! Fantastic collaboration.



Reception’s Dance Club

After School Club

What a fantastic start to the term in After School Club!

Reception children have showed focus, commitment and positivity throughout dance this term.

A massive well done!

3ES /3LT Ice Palace Dance Process!

Our Learning:

The story “Ice Palace” by Rober Swindells has once again inspired our learning in dance. The story is about a man called Starjik and his hunger wolves, who takes children throughout the night.

Ivan discovers his brother is missing and decides to follow and find his little brother, Ivan is faced with dangers to Starjik cavern.

The children are exploring Ivan’s Emotions when his brother was taken!

3LT Dance Working Process







3ES working procees!